Advertise on the Nashville Sign

Blackbird Media is thrilled to offer advertisers the opportunity to partner on this exciting new initiative. We are actively seeking brands that not only appreciate The Nashville Sign’s unmatched location and visibility, but would also like to support Blackbird Media’s mission to create a digital media space that is firmly connected with the Nashville community. As an advertiser, you will share the board with local artists, influential non-profits, news and weather, special announcements, and more!

Additionally, partners of The Nashville Sign enjoy added social media promotion from The Nashville Sign’s dedicated Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts!If you are interested in advertising your business on The Nashville Sign, please use the contact form below to get in touch. A member of the Blackbird Media team with contact you promptly.

Media Kit

8 Seconds of Fame

Forget “shouting it from the rooftops”, shout it from The Nashville Sign! “8 Seconds of Fame” on The Nashville Sign is the best, and BIGGEST way to let your message be heard! Want to wish your best friend Happy Birthday? Propose to your significant other? Or see your own name in lights? Our “8 Seconds of Fame” experience is the perfect way to commemorate your special occasion. Here’s how it works:

Scheduling “8 Seconds of Fame” on The Nashville Sign is very easy! Simply follow these steps:

  • Use the contact form below to reach a member of the Blackbird Media team.
  • Choose a 30 minute time period for your “8 Seconds of Fame” experience.
  • Choose 1-4 photos to display on the board.
  • Choose a short message to accompany one or more of the photos (optional).
  • Arrive at the Broadway/West End split within your scheduled 30 minutes, and watch your images as they are displayed on the board!

Additional details:

  • Photos will be displayed in rotation with other advertisements at least once every two minutes.
  • You will have the opportunity to approve photos with their accompanying message before they are placed on the sign.
  • You may choose to take photos in front of the sign, but photos/photographers are not provided by Blackbird Media.

Cost for the “8 Seconds of Fame” experience is $250 total.

Please use the contact form below to reach a member of the Blackbird Media team. We will contact you promptly to begin scheduling your “8 Seconds of Fame” experience!